The Kindness FormulaThe Kindness Formula goes like this:

Make it a habit to do at least three kinds things every day: one for yourself one for someone you know one for a stranger

Having a formula helps us to make kindness a habit and to think more deeply about how we wish to express it. If you find doing three every day too much to begin with, then spread them over a week and build up as the habit gets Read More →

10 Humorous Quotes to Help You Get Over Difficult SituationsIt’s easy to think about how someone else’s situation is more difficult then the one you are currently dealing with. I mean, you could be starving in a third-world country, working at McDonald’s, or even getting shot at in Iraq.

That doesn’t necessarily help you though, does it?

What’s really important is to get through whatever you’re going through the best way possible. Read More →

To Become Rich You First Need to Think You Are RichIf someone wants to be rich and be loaded with money you need to psyche yourself before you start doing the actual things you need to do to be rich. First you need to have a dream and that dream is to be rich in the shortest possible time. Whatever your dreams are you have to stick and believe that you can make your dream a reality. To do this you need to work on yourself Read More →

5 Easy Self Improvement TipsThese easy personal development guidelines are the way to aid your very own progress and also motivate yourself to new height of excellence and joy. If you happen to be someone that’s considering personal enhancement and personal growth, you’re likely in search of excellent methods for stirring growth. You may be also seeking out tips that can establish your very own growth Read More →

The Character of GodLife consists of stages, and each stage comes with its own problems. Problems are endless and they come without warning. As long as one lives, one will be exposed to temptations and trials regardless of environment, time or space. That is life. It is a series of problems. A baby for instance may cry for food, and when fed, she may cry for her diaper to be changed, and when changed, she could cry for her body Read More →

The Most Powerful Law In The Universe - The Law Of AttractionYou have watched the Movie – The Secret. The Law of attraction reveals The Secret to Everything you’ve ever wanted… Ever since the world found out about the Law of Attraction through the phenomenon of the movie, people from every corner of the globe have been wanting to know more about the secret.

Millions of people are already using the Law of Attraction to make their lives successful. It is no longer Read More →

5 Questions Answered in Know Yourself: A Woman's Guide to Wholeness, Radiance & Supreme ConfidenceThis is a partial chapter excerpt: Selection of the five most common questions women Barbara Rose, Ph. D. during personal consultations and tele-seminars or by e-mail through her Web site that are answered in Know Yourself.

How can I know for sure if I’m making the right decision when it comes to choosing between my marriage and my mental health and self-esteem?

I think Read More →

What Is Wellness and Why Is It Important?Through the years, more and more people are engaged in routines and activities that aim to improve the look of their body just like how men want to gain solid muscles while women want to maintain their slim figure. But it seems that there are many who do not understand the meaning and importance of wellness. To define wellness, it is the healthy balance between the body, mind and the spirit. Read More →

Brain Games For a Healthy MindDo you sometimes wonder if you’re losing your mind because you keep forgetting where you left your keys, or you can’t remember birthdays or appointments? Don’t worry; it doesn’t necessarily mean your mind is losing its ability to function. But it might mean that your brain could use a workout routine.

We all want to live long and prosperous lives, and no one wants to suffer from mental deterioration. Read More →

Helping Black Women Gain Self Confidence In Entering STEM CareersAfrican-American women have made much progress in the workplace and education. Even in the face of racism and sexism in the United States, 2/3 of black college graduates are female. Yet, in spite of the progress made, black women are still underrepresented in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers. For them to enter and excel in math and science careers, it is important Read More →