Why We Take Our Safety For Granted“Not a gift of a cow, nor gift of land, nor yet a gift of food, is so important as the gift of safety, which is declared to be the great gift among all gifts in this world.” – Panchatantra, c. 5th century, vol. 1, trans. Franklin Edgerton.[1]

Driving back from dropping a family member at work recently, my wife was almost involved in a dire traffic accident at speed. There were Read More →

What I Wish I'd KnownWhen I was young, I took many things for granted, like my wrinkle-free skin, the sponge-like way my mind absorbed information, and the boundless supply of energy that recharged with each sunrise.

But there were other not-so-good things I took for granted, too. For example, I assumed that my self-worth hinged on my physical beauty, and I believed the needs of others Read More →

Such Is the Grace of God - For Recovery“Whoever covers over his sins does not prosper. Whoever confesses and abandons them receives compassion.” ~ Proverbs 28:13 (GW)

SUCH IS THE GRACE OF GOD that we are, when we give up our life of sin, granted a second chance – even if that second chance is a 1002nd chance. That is the nature of God. Whilst we cannot allow ourselves to hope that we can escape the consequences of the former Read More →

3 Steps to Completely Eliminating Problems from Your LifeDo you have problems in your life?

Business problems…

Financial problems…

Health problems…

Relationship problems…


Any other kind of problems?

If you do…

Here’s my simple three-step formula for completely eliminating them from your life:

Step #1 – Completely eliminate the word “problem” from your vocabulary.

The first Read More →

If It Matters To You Then, It Matters!Too many times, we get so caught up in repetitive dead-end situations where solutions are blatantly obvious, but because of the familiar life-infusing addiction to the emotional drama involved, we refuse to see the ‘forest for the trees.’ We cling to so-called problems like our lives depended on it. {On one level, they do!} But, on the other hand, we spend far too much time Read More →

Control Your Thoughts!The Power of the Voice Within

“A man does not seek his luck, luck seeks its man” – an Irish proverb

Control your thoughts!

Here is another great imperative for anyone who wants to evolve into a happy person.

Before we try a simple focus game to help you enter a state of peace and relaxation, let me explain to you why it is so important to put an end to the self-defeating Read More →

Your Path to Financial NirvanaThe path from here to there can be hard to navigate and even harder to stay on course. With a little planning and determination you can create your own road-map to contentment.

Have you ever daydreamed about doing something crazy fun like living in your dream beach house or surfing in Hawaii How about an around-the-world experience? Close your eyes right now and give it a try. What do you see?

The first Read More →

How to Have a No Regret LifeIf you want to try and have a life with no regrets, here are some simple systems I use for great financial, convenience and safety benefits.

I save money and frustration because I don’t lose things as often. Quite often you’re talking to someone, finish the chat and then you leave something behind. I never leave a place; a table, a desk – anywhere I’ve been sitting or standing – without a quick look around Read More →

The Kindness FormulaThe Kindness Formula goes like this:

Make it a habit to do at least three kinds things every day: one for yourself one for someone you know one for a stranger

Having a formula helps us to make kindness a habit and to think more deeply about how we wish to express it. If you find doing three every day too much to begin with, then spread them over a week and build up as the habit gets Read More →

10 Humorous Quotes to Help You Get Over Difficult SituationsIt’s easy to think about how someone else’s situation is more difficult then the one you are currently dealing with. I mean, you could be starving in a third-world country, working at McDonald’s, or even getting shot at in Iraq.

That doesn’t necessarily help you though, does it?

What’s really important is to get through whatever you’re going through the best way possible. Read More →