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Dated : 01/04/2015


Geographically situated at Allahabad, the SANGAM of Ganga, Jamuna & Saraswati, The Army Public School is about the spirit, morals and ethics of India. The spirit, that makes human beings humane, pervades the school, moulding scholars and sportsmen to steer India in its path of progress.

The Army Public School is committed to provide an education experience that is the richest, most diverse and most exciting in an atmosphere that provides support, encouragement and care for every child.

Education is rightly considered as the most sacred thing in the world. Education is an activity that aims at the enlightment of the minds of the individuals, at modification and conditioning of their behaviours so as tho make them useful citizens of the society.

The aim of education shall be cosidered to be fullfilled when an educated mind starts to emit the fragrance of knowledge.

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