Self Worth: Who Defines Our Self Worth?Although human beings are made of the same things and will all pass on at some point in their lives, it doesn’t mean that they all have the same level of value. And while there is inevitably going to be differences between someone who lives in a third world country and someone who lives in a first world country; there are clear differences in the same country.

Differences in the same country can come Read More →

TQ - Work in Teams For Excellence & Reach Unfathomable Goals Plus CQ - Original - Unique [Part 3 of 6][4] TQ Teamwork Quotient

You can + I can = We can

Teamwork is a well applied skill that improves, speeds and increases productivity thus saving human and natural resources. It is an art of working together and should be aimed at a win/win situation for strength and stability. Certain agreements and regulations are set and followed so that these people can work happily with Read More →

Nametag 101: Learning Comes from DiscomfortLet the truth be known: I HATED wearing a nametag 24-7…for about the first six months.

I was stared at.

I was ridiculed.

I was called horrible names.

I was even challenged to a couple of fights!

And that was just my family.

Still, I kept my commitment. I vowed to wear a nametag all day, every day, for the rest of my life to encourage friendliness Read More →

Create Your Own HappinessI’ve been thinking about personal responsibility lately. There are two opposite kinds of people: Those who take responsibility for themselves, and those who don’t.


Are subject to anger, hostility, fear, resentment, doubt-all sorts of negative emotions. They are always making excuses and blaming people and things for what’s going on in their life. Read More →

How Imagination Freed A Boy From BullyingBen Cooper, the son of a poor immigrant tailor, lived in a disheveled neighborhood in St. Joseph, Missouri. The family was so poor that they could not eat everyday.

They lived in a small home…and Ben was assigned the task of heating it. He would pick up pieces of coal near the railroad tracks, collecting them in a coal scuttle. This task embarrassed him and he used the back streets to avoid Read More →

Your Own Space OdysseyThis article is about space and about odyssey, not about the book 2001 – a space odyssey. The latter of the two terms can refer to the mythical Odyssey or to his journey. Your own personal space odyssey is about your personal quest for… (more) space.

Some refer to it as a budget, in the organizational setting, others refer to it as freedom, and others may experience to be somehow locked Read More →

Finding A Person - It Isn't All That HardHave you ever lost someone’s phone number? It just happens sometimes. Most of the times it doesn’t really matter but there are few times when losing a phone number might be a big deal. If this has happened to you, how would you suggest contacting this person? If you know their name it would be easy to open the phonebook and look it up. However, many people long for privacy, so their Read More →

Tuning-In To Your Dreams - It's The Thought That CountsIf you want your dreams to come true, or want to give yourself the best opportunity to experience the reality of your desires, there are some things you can do, and some things you need to know. For starters, dreaming — and thinking, praying, meditating, etc. — are all skills that can be learned and practiced. The more you know about how your “dream machine” works, the better you will be able to use it — and the better Read More →

Make Your Gift Giving More Meaningful!Thanksgiving is over. The holiday shopping season has arrived. Black Friday brought stores opening at such times as 4:00am and even midnight in some cases. Shoppers sure must make those times worthwhile. So many things being bought, but what are they really giving?

I buy gifts with the intention of expressing my love. That is the reason I have been intrigued with the languages Read More →

Attitude Is Everything, So Lose Yours“Attention XYZ passengers, flight #123 will be delayed,” came over the airport speakers. Knowing my fellow travelers, I knew that theatrical complaints would be forthcoming. I sat back and prepared for the show, the body language, heavy sighs, and vocal frustration to the news all surrounded me. My neighbor leaned in close to me to gauge my attitude. “Can you believe this?” she began. “This happens Read More →