Wanting What You Have GotIt’s not having what you want. It’s wanting what you’ve got. ~SHERYL CROW (Soaking Up the Sun)

We search high and low for contentment and we never truly find it until we search within and find contentment within God who makes his home in us via his Holy Spirit.

When we accept what God has given us, and where we are in life, notwithstanding the difficulties, because we know Read More →

Want to Be Considered According to Lee Iacocca, the best thing you can do for your career is learn to think on your feet. There are numerous ways to acquire or polish this skill. One of the best is to think of and then incorporate two words that naturally go together.

HUSBAND….AND WIFE When we are stressed, our brains simply don’t function as well as they normally do. But there are ways to appear verbally poised when under Read More →

Looking into Yourself: the Power of IntrospectionHave you ever wondered what part you might have played in a quarrel? In a communication breakdown? In a misunderstanding? Don’t feel bad or be surprised if you answered “no”.

Why? Why is it easier to say that the problem is the “other guy” and not us? It seems to be inherently easier to say “I’m OK, you’re not” when considering interpersonal interactions. We naturally Read More →

Gatekeeping, Your Brains Ultimate SecretaryPicture a secretary or assistant in your brain. This assistant is going to decide what information to allow through to your conscious brain. They are the gatekeepers of information. Their job is important, as an overwhelming amount of information is thrown at you daily and you’d go crazy if it all came to you on a conscious level.

Part of the information they don’t allow past the gate Read More →

Learning To Take Over Your Inner State - The Best Means To Get A Girl To Fall For YouJust like life, there are three essential elements that control your love life: strategy, stories and state. By being able to get an in-depth look of these elements and knowing how to go around them, then you can be successful in your venture to something real or should I say being with the person you love. If you want to learn more, just carry on with the content that follows.

Learning Read More →

Check You in Development of the Social Self Environment - Watch Who You BlameYou are always responsible for yourself. Never should you look for reasons to blame outside of one self. There are people that are forever blaming the outsider for their feelings and actions. Very seldom will you hear one ask, “Why does one have to act or react that way?” Only when you are able to assume full responsibility for whom and what you are will you be able to experience true happiness Read More →

7 Steps to WisdomWisdom does not com by chance, but by conscious effort. My primary assignment is to show you how you can become wise.

1. TALK, OBSERVE AND INTERACT WITH THE WISE: For you to become wise, you must talk, observe and interact with the wise. You don’t expect to become wise by associate with fools. As iron sharpens iron, so does a man sharpen the countenance of his friend. When you walk, talk Read More →

Network Marketing and Mindfulness Training - Four Ways It Can Increase Your SuccessIn a previous article, I introduced mindfulness training as a largely unrecognized, but highly valuable, form of skill training for network marketers. This follow-up article outlines four specific ways that network marketers can increase their success by developing and applying this intrinsic internal resource.

Mindfulness can be defined very simply as “being aware, moment to moment, of whatever you’re Read More →

Spring CleaningI love spring. Who doesn’t? One of the things I love about spring is that I get to clean out my closets and dressers, deep clean my bathrooms and kitchen… throwing myself into that yearly ritual of getting rid of what doesn’t fit me or my life any longer in order to make room for the possibility of something different… a new pair of shoes, a new arm chair for the family room… a new life?

A few weeks Read More →

How to Break Your Addiction to Money FearsIf you didn’t have this addiction, your energy and feelings would be focused on expanding and enjoying creative ways to express yourself and what you do that serves others in some way meaningful and of value to them (for which they’d eagerly exchange money with you), whether you sell cars or are a comedian.

Note: You don’t have to believe in Law of Attraction to benefit Read More →