How Imagination Freed A Boy From BullyingBen Cooper, the son of a poor immigrant tailor, lived in a disheveled neighborhood in St. Joseph, Missouri. The family was so poor that they could not eat everyday.

They lived in a small home…and Ben was assigned the task of heating it. He would pick up pieces of coal near the railroad tracks, collecting them in a coal scuttle. This task embarrassed him and he used the back streets to avoid Read More →

Your Own Space OdysseyThis article is about space and about odyssey, not about the book 2001 – a space odyssey. The latter of the two terms can refer to the mythical Odyssey or to his journey. Your own personal space odyssey is about your personal quest for… (more) space.

Some refer to it as a budget, in the organizational setting, others refer to it as freedom, and others may experience to be somehow locked Read More →

Finding A Person - It Isn't All That HardHave you ever lost someone’s phone number? It just happens sometimes. Most of the times it doesn’t really matter but there are few times when losing a phone number might be a big deal. If this has happened to you, how would you suggest contacting this person? If you know their name it would be easy to open the phonebook and look it up. However, many people long for privacy, so their Read More →

Tuning-In To Your Dreams - It's The Thought That CountsIf you want your dreams to come true, or want to give yourself the best opportunity to experience the reality of your desires, there are some things you can do, and some things you need to know. For starters, dreaming — and thinking, praying, meditating, etc. — are all skills that can be learned and practiced. The more you know about how your “dream machine” works, the better you will be able to use it — and the better Read More →

Make Your Gift Giving More Meaningful!Thanksgiving is over. The holiday shopping season has arrived. Black Friday brought stores opening at such times as 4:00am and even midnight in some cases. Shoppers sure must make those times worthwhile. So many things being bought, but what are they really giving?

I buy gifts with the intention of expressing my love. That is the reason I have been intrigued with the languages Read More →

Attitude Is Everything, So Lose Yours“Attention XYZ passengers, flight #123 will be delayed,” came over the airport speakers. Knowing my fellow travelers, I knew that theatrical complaints would be forthcoming. I sat back and prepared for the show, the body language, heavy sighs, and vocal frustration to the news all surrounded me. My neighbor leaned in close to me to gauge my attitude. “Can you believe this?” she began. “This happens Read More →

5 Things that Hinder Your Success and How to Overcome ThemI know so many gifted and talented people who aren’t using their creativity. They can’t see their own worth because they’re too busy focusing on their limitations. Listen, no one is perfect. We all have weaknesses. We all have areas we need to improve in. Still, each of us possesses everything we need, to do what God has called us to do.

If you’re ready to see new levels of productivity in your life, Read More →

Live Your Passion With Endless PossibilitiesHave you heard the saying “Do what you love and never work a day?”

Ask a child what he wants to be when he grows up, you’d be amazed at what that child would say. It could range from being an astronaut, the president, doctor, even a singer. That child see’s a world without boundaries or limits. In an innocent child’s eyes the world is filled with endless possibilities. Children will Read More →

A Good Leader's AttitudeWhen you are a leader, be it of a school’s student community or factory union, NGO or even a group of people who are advocating a specific cause, you should be able to carry the responsibility with ease on your shoulders. The expectations can often weigh you down.

Being a leader is not something that you can get trained in or be expected to follow a set pattern but you are expected Read More →

It's True - A Coach Or Mentor Can Help Accelerate Your LearningNext time you are talking to someone with many years of experience in a given vocation, ask them to think back to the early days of their learning, ask the question; “If they were to start over again in their particular field, what thing would they now most value?” Detailed coaching & mentoring would be one of the desires they would probably request for a beginner.

The role of an expert coach is to show and explain Read More →